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Aquaforte ECOMAX P series

ECO MAX P series are competitively priced dirty water pumps. they can handle solids up to 6mm , can be mounted horizonally or vertically and can be submersed or dry mounted. (inlet must be below water level) These pumps have extra stong head pressure

ECOMAX P series
Aquaforte ECOMAX - DM Vario

suited for outdoor use, wet and dry applications. External controller can adjust flow thus energy consumption, from 30 - 100 percent. can also start/stop via the pause button. Auto power off when running dry. Auto "lock" when blocked to prevent burnout.

Oase Aquamax Dry

Uncomprisingly reliable: With high cleaning force , it pumps pond water and course debris up tp 8mm into filter. Extremely econmical thanks to the energy efficient EC motor Environment Function Control (EFC by OASE) protects against dry run and blocking

Oase Aquamax Dry
Superfish Pond Eco

Pondeco pond pumps are designed to pump water containing solids to a filter or waterfall. they can handle solids upto 6mm, can be mounted horizonally or vetically and can be submersed or dry mounted.(inlet must be under water level) These pumps have extra stong head pressure.

Superfish pond eco

Flow-Friend is way ahead in the field of energy efficient water pumps. How is this accomplished?

A highly efficient, new generation permanent magnet motor, high-quality German made
an ingenious and optimized hydraulics, fully stainless steel casting
optimum adaptation to the pond and the season by speed control
permanent Magneet motor (PMSM)

The motor is a premium-efficiency motor IE4. It meets the latest energy requirements from 2015 what will be required in the industry. The engine is fully developed and manufactured in Germany. The flow is adjustable by speed (800-2550rpm). For controlling a display on the pump is built, where the power, speed and hours are shown.

The main advantage of permanent magnet motors compared to a frequency controlled a-synchronous motors, the remarkably high efficiency at low rpm. However, even in the higher rpm range, they are significantly more economical.

Ingenious hydraulic

The hydraulic of the pump includes a pump impeller and the pumphead.
The hydraulic system provides:

To a significant extent the overall efficiency of the pump
For which application the pump is suitable

The FlowFriends hydraulics is specially designed for high flow at low pressure. Its optimal application is between 0 and 5 meters head:

More pressure available then a propeller pump, which in some pressure piping is unsuitable.
Much more pressure than comparable pumps with maximum m3. Almost all pumps available with larger capacities (watts), have more than 10 meters head. This is very much at the expense of the available flow (number m3). This pressure is a good pond completely unnecessary.

The hydraulics of the FlowFriend is fully of cast stainless steel 316. Robust, smooth and a perfect shape for minimal internal losses. Thus, the FlowFriend has 3 "(90mm) inlet and outlet. The allowable size of particles is less than 15 mm.

The result

The result of the pump is best displayed in the charts pump. The pump was tested at a test facility that meets the following standards: BS EN ISO 9906.
The test bench and the prototype was shown during the Interkoi April this year in Germany. The flow test bench and production FlowFriends will to be showed during the Koishow in Arcen. Not only is the flow / pressure characteristic shown, but also a so-called Power Curve. Here you can at any point of the graph also also the exact energy of the pump will consume!

FlowFriend is a dry to pump for fresh water. Specially designed for large amounts of water in the head range between 0 and 5 meters.

Suitable for

• SuperBead Filters
• Multichamber Systems
• Drum Filters
• Endless Belt Filter
• Waterfalls
• Moving Bed Filters
• Tricklefilters



0700 rpm: 18m3/hour @ 0 meter @ 40 Watt
1100 rpm: 30m3/hour @ 0 meter @ 80 Watt

1500 rpm: 41m3/hour @ 0 meter @ 145 Watt

1900 rpm: 51m3/hour @ 0 meter @ 195 Watt
1200 rpm: 20m3/hour @ 1 meter @ 120 Watt

1400 rpm: 29m3/hour @ 1 meter @ 160 watt

1800 rpm: 42m3/hour @ 1 meter @ 260 Watt

2100 rpm: 50m3/hour @ 1 meter @ 360 Watt
1600 rpm: 20m3/hour @ 2 meter @ 230 Watt

1800 rpm: 31m3/hour @ 2 meter @ 295 watt

2000 rpm: 40m3/hour @ 2 meter @ 370 Watt

2300 rpm: 50m3/hour @ 2 meter @ 495 Watt
1900 rpm: 21m3/hour @ 3 meter @ 335 Watt

2000 rpm: 27m3/hour @ 3 meter @ 380 Watt

2200 rpm: 39m3/hour @ 3 meter @ 490 Watt

2500 rpm: 52m3/hour @ 3 meter @ 690 Watt
2200 rpm: 25m3/hour @ 4 meter @ 490 Watt

2300 rpm: 32m3/hour @ 4 meter @ 550 Watt

2400 rpm: 39m3/hour @ 4 meter @ 605 Watt

2400 rpm: 23m3/hour @ 5 meter @ 610 Watt

2500 rpm: 35m3/hour @ 5 meter @ 730 Watt


Flow friend Pro offers higher flow rate with lower wattage (low pressure)
Flow friend HP offers higher flow rates with higher wattage (higher pressure)

Flow friend


The innovative and patented motor technology of the Badu Eco Touch Pro is revolutionising the previous pump standards from the point of view of energy consumption, operating costs and water quality. The pump has three motor speeds that can be set individually. This guarantees the most effective use and maximum energy saving in all performance ranges. Operation is intuitive.

Different motor speeds for optimum output

The choice between 3 motor speeds ensures the most effective output for all operating modes:

- Night Mode (low motor speed) 
- Filter Operation (medium motor speed).
- Backwashes or solar absorber operation (high motor speed).

Individual adjustment for maximum savings

The three variable motor speeds can be programmed individually and can be adjusted from 1000 to 2830 rpm in steps of 50. The empirical values 2000, 2400 and 2830 rpm are then pre-programmed.

Practical programming and information

A display assists in setting and showing the motor speeds that have been programmed. The Eco mode deactivates the display illumination, minimising its energy consumption in this way.

The most comfortable handling:

The BADU Eco Touch Pro can be controlled in a potential-free manner and so can also be networked with the filter control.

Field of Application
The pump can be installed max. 3 m above or below water level (not submersed, this is an external pump).

Please note that these pumps do not come with electrical cable or a plug

BADU ECO-Touch Pro
1,149.99 GBP

BADU ECO_Touch Pro variable flow rate pump
Circulation pumps with programmable performance ranges

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