The Nexus 320 filtration systems deliver dramatically improved levels of clarity for ponds. Building on the success of the award winning Nexus range this new generation of filters cleverly combine mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system, whilst being incredibly easy to clean and simple to install.

The Nexus 320 features a re-designed Eazy filter which now utilises the all new K1 Micro filter media, in a static bed, to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. The Nexus filter systems also use the acclaimed K1 Media in the moving bed to deliver outstanding levels of biological filtration. Together this combination of filter media work to deliver crystal clear and healthy water.

nexus 220 / 320

All Nexus filtration systems can be installed on pump fed or gravity fed setups depending on your pond configuration. The Nexus 220 is suitable for ponds up to 18,000 litres (4,000 gallons) while for larger ponds the Nexus 320 can be installed on ponds up to 34,000 litres (7,500 gallons)


The NEW Nexus Automatic System

Continuing our long standing reputation for innovation, the Nexus Automatic System now enables Nexus owners to benefit from a fully automated cleaning cycle on their multi award winning Nexus filtration systems.

Physically turning ball valves and manually switching pumps on and off will now be a thing of the past thanks to the Nexus Automatic System. All of the key processes that form the cleaning cycle are now controlled automatically with this easy to install kit.


Key Features

- Hassle free way to clean Nexus filtration systems

- Automates the cleaning process of the Nexus

- Easily fits onto Nexus filters (post 2006 models)

- Electronic control box automatically operates valves and pumps

- Adjustable timer controls the frequency of the automatic cleaning cycle to suit the user’s needs 

- Easy to set up for multiple cleaning cycles

- Manual cleaning cycle can be carried out if needed, at the touch of a button

- GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions available

Nexus Automatic System

NEXUS NOT INCLUDED - Available to buy separately
Easily fits onto Nexus 210 / 310 / 220 or 320 filters manufactured after 2006

Nexus Automatic System

Upgrade kit

For Nexus filters as shown in the images above, you can use the Type 3 upgrade kit. This kit upgrades the mechanical filter from an EAZY with K1 Media to an EAZY with K1 Micro

If you have a Nexus 200 / 210 or 300 / 310 filter manufactured between 2006 and 2014 you are able to upgrade the inner chamber to allow you to install the EAZY Type 3 filter, (as used in the Nexus 220 and Nexus 320).

To further identify your Nexus, it will not have a stepped section moulded into the outlet or either the Answer or sponges as the primary mechanical filter. Instead, the body of the Nexus will feature the wider outlet and it will be fitted with an EAZY filter.

When ordering your upgrade kit please ensure you order one for a Nexus 200 / 210 or Nexus 300 / 310 version.

The Type 3 Upgrade Kit comes with:

- New EAZY mechanical filter

- Supplied with K1 Micro in place in the centre of the Eazy.

- 18 Litres K1 Micro are supplied in a 220 EAZY

- 20 Litres K1 Micro supplied in a 320 EAZY

- The EAZY also has the centre column, air ring and airline, clear lid.

- Eazy cleaning pipe

- Spare screws

- Cleaning Instructions

type 3 upgrade kit

This upgrade kit allows you to upgrade the EAZY in a Nexus 200 / 210 or 300 / 310 filter manufactured between 2006 and 2014 to a new EAZY with K1 Micro. This upgrade kit is called the EAZY Type 3 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade options


A compact member of the Nexus family, the EazyPod is a mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20,000 litres or Koi ponds up to 10,000 litres. The EazyPod utilises static K1 Media, which provides enhanced biological benefits, even when using the EazyPod solely as a mechanical waste filter.

The EazyPod is available in grey or green colours and also can be supplied as an EazyPodAir, with an Air Pump 70.

- Mechanical and biological filtration.

- Very eazy to install and operate.

- Quick and eazy cleaning cycle.

- Works equally well pump or gravity fed.

- Ideal as a filter on a quarantine system.

- Also ideal for use as a pre-filter, polisher or on a skimmer line.


Evolution Aqua Easy Pod Air

Easypod / Easypod air

The Cetus Seive


   Can be gravity OR pump fed
   Perfect fit screen so no waste can bypass
   Totally reliable and simple to install
   Plug and Play – comes with flexible boots to
     connect to pipe work 
   Greatly reduced backwashing / maintenance
     of pressurised filters 
   Robust one piece mould –no welded joints – no leaks!
   Large waste collection area which slopes to sump outlet
   Ideal for mechanically filtering skimmer lines 
   Patented float that gives constant flow for
     gravity-fed level fluctuations 
   Maximum flow rate 18,000 litres per hour
   Tri-slot 300 micron wedge wire screen in 316L 
     stainless steel on 100% of surface area
   Increased levels of oxygen


Max Flow: 18,000 litres/hr, 4,000 gallons/hr
Inlet: gravity 110mm/4 inch pump 50mm/ 1.5 inch
Height: 945mm
Outlet: gravity 40mm/1.5 inch pump 110mm/ 4 inch
Length: 850mm 
Width: 570mm
Outlet Waste: 90mm/3 inch
Screen: 300 micron
The Cetus Seive

The Cetus sieve is a totally new, bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. With all of its benefits and build quality, it is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market today, regarding quality and performance!

Cetus Seive

K1 Media , K1 Micro

How it works

Maturing the K1 Media bio-media is important because a delicate eco-system is naturally developing for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process. K1 Media provides the maximum active surface area for the bacteria to colonise, more than other types of static media. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water. 

How it is different to other media

As the K1 Media moves within the filter, it causes the old dead bacteria on the outside to be displaced. This makes space for new younger heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonise. Within the wheel is a protected surface which enables colonies of bacteria to naturally follow their lifecycle, of maturing, dying and then fueling the latter stages of the nitrification cycle. K1 Media has been designed to provide the best possible habitat for both young and mature beneficial bacterial colonies.

What is meant by 'self cleaning'?

Unlike foam, matting, or other forms of static filtration media, the K1 Media is designed to move freely within your filter. The constant chaotic movement of the air from your pump, causes the media to self clean and thus requires no maintenance. This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic cleaning, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter. 50 Litres of K1 media will handle up to 250 grammes of food per day and for K3, 225 grammes of food per day. For retrofit of existing filters, K3 media is the most suitable due to its larger size and ease of control.

K1 Micro Filter Media

K1 media has been used by Evolution Aqua in Koi filtration systems for a number of years. This new type of filter media, K1 Micro, contains all of the benefits of traditional K1 media but is extruded in a much smaller form. The small wheel shaped filter media pieces provide a significantly increased protected surface area per cubic metre when compared to standard K1 for bacteria to colonise. This makes K1 Micro an ideal filter media for aquariums of all types where high level biological filtration is needed. K1 Micro can also be used to replace existing filter media


No1 Filter Media in Koi and Aquatics


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