Evolution Aqua Pure Pond

Pure Pond is our Award Winning bacterial product that helps to maintain crystal clear and healthy pond water.

PURE POND are biodegradable balls, crammed full of live bacteria and enzymes that when added to your pond filter get to work breaking down Ammonia and Nitrite, whilst cleaning up organic waste.

The bacteria and enzymes are slowly released when they are needed most to address biological issues in the pond that are often the cause of poor clarity.

PURE POND balls work particularly well within the Nexus filtration system helping to smooth out any peaks and troughs in the Ammonia / Nitrite cycle. Simply add the balls into you biological chamber, ideally held within a filter bag, where they will agitate alongside the K1 Media.

When using PURE POND balls as a maintenance product, especially when added once a month into your filter, the balls will help to maintain crystal clear and healthy water.

Please note PURE POND is not intended to clear green water. An appropriate UVC is recommended to clear green water.

- Bacteria and enzymes delivered in gel-like balls

- Maintains crystal clear and healthy water

- Breaks down ammonia and nitrite

- Cleans up organic waste

- Reduces filter maintenance and cleaning

- Ideal for use as a maintenance product

- Suitable for use in all types of ponds

- Add to filter for best results

- Available in 500ml, 1litre and 2 litre


One PURE Pond Bomb is effective on ponds up to 20,000 litres. Simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into your pond filter or directly into the water as and when necessary. The bacteria and enzymes will react to the biological issues with in your pond. You cannot overdose with the PURE Pond Bomb.

When starting up a new filter, simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into the biological stage of your filter. The high concentration of bacteria will help to remove the harmful ammonia and nitrite, allowing the filter media to mature.



PURE+ Filter Start Gel now sits alongside the award winning PURE Pond Bomb and PURE Pond to make a full product range that should be added to every pond keepers’ armoury.

The PURE+ Filter Start Gel is well suited for use in bead filters, particularly Evolution Aqua’s K1 Micro Bead filters to speed up maturation from day one but is equally effective when spread on japanese matting, conventional beads and other types of filter media.   Available in 2 sizes: 1 Litre treats ponds up to 10,000 litres, 2.5 Litre treats ponds up to 25,000 litres

Pure Pond

Pure Pond Maintains healthy pond water

Pure Pond options
Model max flow rate treats up to
FC - 12 Inch Filter
9 litres/min
2 UK gallons/min
2.4 US gallons/min
150,000 litres
33,000 UK gallons
39,600 US gallons
FC - 30 Inch Filter
9 litres/min
2 UK gallons/min
2.4 US gallons/min
350,000 litres
76,922 UK gallons
92,470 US gallons


Hi-Grade Activated Carbon Removes: 

   malachite green
   many dyes
   colour e.g. humic acids
   organics e.g. proteins

Detox Dechlorinator

No messy cartridge changes - just unclip and replace Highest grade activated carbon . 100% fish safe
Extremely high toxin removal rate . Simple to use - straight out of the box . Clean and 'no hassle' water changes via hose. Can be used on a constant trickle feed . Ideal for first fills

Detox Dechlorinators

ea ProPump

Introducing the Evolution Aqua eaProPump range

We have launched a new range of five new external pond pumps pumps; eaProPump 8000, eaProPump 10000, eaProPump 12000, eaProPump 16000 and eaProPump 21000. Every pump is fully marinised and has been manufactured for maximum reliability, efficiency and performance. Each pump features an adjustable wet end, meaning the 2" outlet can be placed in five different positions for easy connection to existing rigid pipework.

- 5 new in-line external pump models

- Designed for maximum strength, durability and long life

- Low energy consumption motor

- Noryl impellor for reliable operation

- Very quiet operating pump

- Adjustable wet end

- Salt water seal

- IPX5 Rated

- Threaded 2" inlet and outlets for easy connection to pipework

- Drain down plugs

- 2m power cable

- 2 Year Warranty (excludes seal and capacitor)

Built for maximum reliability and performance, with low power consumption

The design of the adjustable wet end makes the pump very quiet during operation, and the Noryl impellor provides maximum strength and durability. eaProPump motors deliver optimum performance while still being very low on energy consumption.

ea ProPumps

ea ProPumps
Low energy consumption motor
Very quiet operating pump


ea Perfect Dry Pond Pumps

Perfect pumps are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards. Representing excellent value for money the pumps are robust and extremely reliable. Specially designed for use in ponds and filters, the pumps can also be used for dry installation on gravity fed systems and swimming ponds.

   Silent running, low wattage
   Thermal overload protection
   High quality ceramic bearings and shaft
   Quick and easy cleaning



   Pump motor designed for continuous operation.
   Ceramic bearings and shaft without seals give longevity.
   High hydraulic efficiency means the pumps give optimal     outputs.
   Capable of large delivery volumes with low power     consumption.
   Asynchronous motor gives quiet smooth running.
   Pump can be used with variable speed controllers for     step-less flow regulation (accessory)
   1 1/2" BSP threaded inlets and outlets for easy dry     mounting.
   Built-in thermal overload protection with auto-restart     gives safety if motor overheats.
   All internal electrical connections are sealed in resin for     safety.
   Impellor housing can be dismantled for cleaning if     required.
   High quality functional pump cage with large surface
   Specially designed impellor allows the pumps to handle     solids up to 8mm diameter.
   Supplied with hose-fittings, 10m cable and impellor     housing key. 

The Perfect 13000 and 16000 models have an adjustable multi-function fitting for additional suction options such as a surface skimmer.

ea Perfect Dry Pond Pumps

Silent running, low wattage Thermal overload protection High quality ceramic bearings and shaft
Quick and easy cleaning

ea Perfect Dry Pond Pumps

evo UV

All new professional UV clarifier range

The new Evolution Aqua evoUV deliver a more efficient and more economical performance than before thanks to their new design. 

The new range includes completely redesigned 30 Watt and 55 Watt models, a new 15 Watt and 25 Watt model perfect for use on the smaller garden pond, along with a 75 Watt version

5 models including a 75 Watt UV

The top end 75 Watt model is designed for ponds up to 75,000 litres. The highly efficient ballast and high output 75 Watt UV bulb provides a more economical option than a traditional 110 Watt UV due to the greater UV contact time offered by the 1.2 metre bulb – ultimately saving you money! 

The evoUV pond clarifiers are manufactured in house by Evolution Aqua, continuing our long tradition for manufacturing exceptional pond filtration equipment right here in the UK.

More efficient design

The design of these new UVs optimises flow rates and improves energy efficiency, with the sole focus to deliver optimum performance at all times to clear green water in ponds which is caused by single celled green algae. 

evoUVs will work alongside many different filtration systems and are incredibly easy to install with flexible hose or hard pipe and can be easily fitted within existing pipework runs. 
All evoUV models come with high output UV bulbs powered by energy efficient ballasts, all housed within a fully watertight, robust housing.

evo UV

The new Evolution Aqua evoUV deliver a more efficient and more economical performance than before thanks to their new design.

evo UV

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high protein, easily digestable, doesnt deprave water quality.

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