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EA premier koi food 

  • Quality high nutritional floating pellets
  • Balanced nutrition, rich in all essential minerals and vitamins
  • Contains BioMos which massively improves digestion and growth
  • Reduced waste dramatically improves water quality and clarity !
  • Contains spirolina which enhances colour 
  • Contains NO artiificial colouring so will not stain the water !
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 for healthy growth and vitality

Yamato color enhancer


Color enhance

Astaxanthin makes red redder , vitamin c makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is formulated with the proper quantity of Astaxanthin.

High digestibility.

This food is formulated with high quality ingredients which make a good digestibility for koi. Further more good digestibility is good for intestine and palatability is very high.

Because this pellet keeps its shape for a long timein the water , the food doesnt deprave water quality.

pellet size medium / large 



Protein: 34%

Fat: 7%

Fiber: 2.2%

Ash: Max: 5.3%

Phosphate: 0.7%

Calcium: 0.7%

Sodium: 0.2%

Astaxanthin: 8.0mg/kg


A: 23,000IU/kg
D3: 1,000 IU/kg
E: 200mg/kg
C (stable): 300mg/kg



Highest quality growth enhancing Koi food

All ingredients in this food are selected carefully with dietetic studies and JPD technology. This food is formulated with high quality animal and plant protein which make a good digestibility for koi. It should be noted that this food is high protein (45%) but also low ash (8.5%). The ash is digested slowly. This is because high protein fish meal is used.

Color Enhance
Astaxanthin makes red redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. This food is enriched with astaxanthin.

This food is formulated with probiotics which reduces the waste in the water and regulate the functions of the intestines. And this food doesn’t deprave the water quality, because SHORI pellet keeps shape for long time in the water.



Protein 45.0

Fat 8.0

Fibre 2.5

Ash 8.5

Phosphate 1.0

Calcium 1.5

Sodium 0.4

Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg



A 25,000 IU/kg   D3  2,800IU/kg   E 200mg/kg   C(stable) 300mg/kg


available in medium and large pellets






For Low Temperature
Normal koi food becomes lack of appetite or indigestion at low temperature due to reduction of metabolism, while this food can be fed with an easy mind even at such low water temperature. And this food is specially fortified with high nutrition wheat germ, which makes a good digestibility for koi.

Health Food
Stress is one of the cause of the disease. This food is enriched with stable “Vitamin C” which reduces stress. This food protects koi from a pathogen by an effect of “Seaweed Powder” and “Vitamin C”.
Because this pellet keeps shape for long time in the water, this food doesn’t deprave the water quality.



Protein 36.0

Fat 7.0

Fibre 2.5

Ash 7.1

Phosphate 0.9

Calcium 1.3

Sodium 0.3



A 25,000 IU/kg   D3  2,000IU/kg   E 200mg/kg   C(stable) 300mg/kg


available in large / medium pellets





Medicarp Koi food is one of the most advanced Koi Foods available. The benefit of feeding Medicarp Koi food will become clear to you within the first 10 days of feeding. With feeding Medicarp Koi food the protective mucus will become even more protective helping to fight against bacterial and parasitic infections. Over longer periods of feeding Medicarp Koi food the colours will become more vibrant and the overall health of your Koi will improve.

Medicarp Koi food contains only natural ingredients. Medicarp Koi food contains Lactoferin and Torua Yeast which helps prevent infection and keeps your Koi strong and healthy. Medicarp Koi food contains a vegetable plankton (Hermathococcus) which gives your Koi very distinctive colours and the white will become very white. Medicarp Koi food is digestible at low temperatures and does not cloud the water. Medicarp Koi food can be fed to Koi in the Winter Months.

Medicarp koi Food was formulated to stimulate the immune system of Koi to fight disease. Medicarp koi Food was developed in Japan by researchers associated with Mie Univeristy in response to virus outbreaks which occurred in the Niigata prefecture. Results were excellent and in the years since, Medicarp koi Food has become a widely respected food among Japanese breeders, collectors and hobbyists.

Medicarp koi Food is a long term, maintenence food.

Using Medicarp koi Food will result in a natural, but superbly enhanced color in your Koi.

Medicarp koi Food floats and it maintains its shape in water and will not cloud your pond. Medicarp koi Food is famous for it's palatability. Very few foods will cause your fish to so-aggressively swarm the pond surface in search of it!

Medicarp koi Food Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein: Min. 37%, Crude fat: Min. 4%, Crude fiber: Max. 3%, Ash: Max. 10%, Moisture: Max 10%

Medicarp koi Food Ingredients:
Wheat Flour, Fish meal, Soybean Meal, Squid Meal, Heamthococcus, Torula Yeast, Lactoferrin, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamins and Minerals.

available in large and medium pellets

Medicarp color enhancer is a specially formulated koi food , prepared with the highest quality ingredients for maintaining healthy koi and improving body and colour. Medicarp Color Enhancer contains Astaxanthin  to improve the characteristic colours of the koi. The vitamin C in medicarp colour helps protect the white coloursof the koi and sharpen the contrast between the red and the white.  Vitamin C also enhances the shine of the skin . Medicarp Color Enhancer also contains vitamin E which helps reduce stress and support energy and vitality.


Protein 34.0

Fat 7.0

Fibre 2.1 

Ash 8.4

Phosphorus 1.2

Calcium 1.4

Sodium 0.2

Vitamin E 200mg/kg

Vitamin C 300mg/kg

medium or large pellet size 




silkworm, rivershrimp and mealworm mix.

These are highly flavoursome treats for your koi. 

( please note - although your koi will enjoy these treatsvery much they are not an every day food and should only be used as a treat)




Protein  56

Fat and oil 20

Fibre 4.0

Ash 7.0


2.5l  (500g)  £8.99



River Shrimp, Gammarus Shrimp

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 60%
Crude Fats & Oils 11%
Crude Fibre 4%
Crude Ash 10%


River Shrimp

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 60%
Crude Fats & Oils 11%
Crude Fibre 4%
Crude Ash 10%


Silkworm pupae are a high source of protein which contributes to the rapid growth of fish. Feeding silkworm provides a better slime coat protection to resist parasite & bacterial infections resulting in a better, bigger healthy fish. Silkworm is  naturally high in protein, calcium, nutrients, vitamins, minerals & other essential fatty acids. Use as a dietary supplement or treat and only feed when the temperature is over 16oC

Silkworm Pupae

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 53%
Crude Fats & Oils 26%
Crude Fibre 4%
Crude Ash 5%

BOMBAY MIX  KockneyKoi

A complete food for all sizes of pond fish . Bombay mix consists of a blend of sticks and pellets 2mm- 16mm

Its ideal for ponds with a mixture of sizes and/or types of fish . Its designed to encourage healthy growth and bring out the best in your fish. It has added vitamin C to improve your fish's immune system.

Fish LOVE IT!!!


Protein 26.0




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high protein, easily digestable, doesnt deprave water quality.

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